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The first memories I have of my life are myself making things hands on. I have been a carpenter my whole life and can create anything from scratch.

The uniqueness and variety of our handmade products speak for themselves. Magic Touch Interior is experienced in top stylish designs from all over the world. We specialize in traditional and contemporary models from Europe, Morocco, Asia, Egypt and more.

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Work with passion

At Magic Touch Interior, our work ethic and commitment to keep all of our clients happy is what led us to keep loyal customers for more than twenty years. Magic Touch Interior a leader in the industry because we take pride in transferring our passion of crafts to everyone we work with.

Reliable Services

I always make sure that my clients are satisfied and the fact that I have worked with the same loyal clients several times over the years shows how my work is always admired and appreciated.

100% Handmade

Everything I create is handmade, and the quality of my work comes from my knowledge and constant learning of carpentry, upholstery, drapery, tile and so on. You name it... I can do it.

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